How The Church Lost The Truth ... And How It Can Find It Again

How The Church Lost The Truth ... And How It Can Find It Again
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Steve takes his stand on a number of foundational themes that will not be welcomed by some ... The fight for the Bible is renewed. To arms! --Chris Hill, Bible teacher, writer and broadcaster

New Christians will receive a theological education in one book and seasoned saints might be surprised how much they could learn … --Mark Weeden, Senior Pastor, Worthing Tabernacle

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Snake handlers in Kansas, Prosperity teachers in Washington, Liberationists in El Salvador, Gay Bishops in New Hampshire, New Age rectors in London. They all claim the Bible as their inspiration and rulebook. Once this book is opened, why is it that folk seem to see different things? One book, one message, yet still confusion. How come? Where can the Truth be found or has the Church lost the Truth? This explosive book tells the whole sad story of what actually happened to the Church over the last 2,000 years, how it lost its focus and took on so many ideas from Greek philosophy that Christianity today has become a melting pot of strange ideas, with a dash of truth.



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